Codeship Status for alsemyonov/


  • Static site built using Middleman.
  • Semantic markup built into each page:
    • Meta tags with OGP
    • Inline microdata markup with vocabulary

Site structure

Following structure is represented in source directory:

Project Structure

  • bin/ — executable scripts
    • bin/middlemanMiddleman script
    • bin/deploy — deploys site to destination
  • data/YAML vocabularies and collections for different modules of site
  • source/ — source of website


It exposes several common data vocabularies:

  • data.ogp.*OGP properties that would be used as defaults for OGP meta tags for every page. Loads defaults from data/ogp.yml, then overload values from frontmatter.

  •* — exposes information about a website. Loads defaults from data/site.yml.

    Keys: host, scheme, url, baseurl, title, description.

  •* — exposes information about an author of a website. Loads defaults from data/author.yml, then overload values from frontmatter.

    Keys: name, email, url.

Data Collections

  • data.projects is an array containing list of projects (Project class). Loads from data/projects.yml.